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With DYNACE Rocenta you can have health functions of the ultimate stemcell “First Pytoplacenta” derived from Bulgarian rose and precursor of NAD+ which is NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) to Reverse your age and also, with different types of selected superfood to boost your metabolism and immunity.


One sachet of DYNACE ROCENTA a day for better metabolism and general well being.

High antioxidant Capacity

Rose placenta has high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants, which is generally said to help against free radicals, the known culprit behind bodily aging.


Reverse with NAD precursor - NMN promotes neovascularization, stimulates pro-angiogenic effect and activates enzymes that may promote healthy aging.

Cardiovascular Health

Removal of acetyl group from protein complexes, promote endothelial function & mitochondrial biogenesis, and activation of catalase activity.

Immune System

Reduce stress-induced damage, improve body antioxidant defense system. Also helps regulate cytokines, blood lymphocytes, and monocytes which ensure cell survival and control inflammation.

Lower Blood Sugar Level

Effect of NMN supplementation includes: Ameliorate glucose intolerance by restoring NAD+ level, and enhance insulin sensitivity by restoring gene expression related to inflammatory responses.

Cognitive Vitality

Restoration of NAD+ could improve cellular bioenergetic, genomic stability, cell survival, neuronal metabolism, etc. Also may helps in the treatment of Alzheimer's disorders.

Promote Smooth & Silky Skin

Activating the keratinocytes, which may aid regeneration of the stratum corneum of the skin, to improve skin appearance and elasticity, reducing wrinkles.

Energy Booster

NMN has significant preventive effects against age-associated degradation in energy metabolism and can stimulate physical activity.

Lower Risk Of Obesity

Increased levels of NMN stimulate the metabolic system, which enhances the body’s ability to turn food into energy and can be a tool in reducing the risk of obesity.

Improve Kidney Function

NMN improves kidney function by restoring waste-filtering podocytes and to maintain urinary protein levels. It helps restores the kidney tissue damage. Better tissue structure integrity results in better functional capacity.

Promote Sleep Quality

Improves sleep quality to reduce drowsiness in adults over 65 years old. Better sleep has been shown to improve cognition and physical performance, which may improve aged adults’ outlook on life and the overall number of healthy years people live.

Improve Eyesight & Vision

Replenishing NMN can prevent negative consequences and restore vision. Long-term NMN administration are proven to significantly enhances eye function and tear production. It could also protect eye cells and reduce inflammation in dry eye disease by triggering DNA maintenance and a health-promoting protein.

Promote Youthful Skin

Reduce sub chronic inflammation that breaks down skin connective tissue and collagen, enabling skin to remain smooth and have a glowing appearance. Reduce clogged pore due to pore inflammation.


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